What’s Your MenoIQ?


Congratulations, you’ve passed the quiz.

#1. On average, how long can the menopause transition last?

#2. True or false? Race influences how a woman experiences menopause.

#3. The amount of bone mass lost during the five to seven years after menopause is:

#4. True or false? The risk of heart disease can also increase during menopause.

#5. True or false? The hot flashes stop when your periods stop.

#6. True or false? Menopause can lead to changes in the brain.

#7. Exercise during, before and after the menopause transition can help with the following:

#8. Which of the following does the body stop producing with the onset of menopause?

#9. What is perimenopause?

#10. Menopause has many symptoms - but whch of the following isn't one of them?

#11. At what point are women deemed to have reached menopause?

#12. What percentage of women experience menopause

#13. When it comes to our sex lives, which of the following ISN'T associated with menopause

#14. Both perimenopause and menopause can make our working lives more challenging by causing:

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